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1INCH/USD is a currency pair that shows how many USD is needed to buy one 1INCH. Hence 1INCH is a base currency, and USD is a quote currency. The 1INCH/USD chart is a graphic representation of the currency pair price movement.
How can I start trading 1INCH/USD with margin?
If you wish to trade with CEX.IO Broker, you need to sign up on the platform. If you are already a CEX.IO customer, it is not necessary to open a different CEX.IO Broker account. Just use the CEX.IO login and password.

To open an account, you need to select your account base currency. You can choose Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT. After that, set the leverage that works best for you. CEX.IO Broker offers a wide range of leverages — from 2x to 100x. In case you wish to change leverage, open a new account.

And finally, fund your account and begin trading.

New traders can take advantage of the CEX.IO demo account and use it to explore the functionality of the platform. Experienced users can try out the demo account to test new strategies.
How does CFD trading on 1INCH/USD work?
CEX.IO Broker offers margin trading via Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Trading digital assets via CFDs does not require you to own the base asset itself to trade on it. The point is that you have a possibility to get profit from price fluctuations regardless of the market direction.

When you believe the price is going to rise, you can open a Long position (Buy). Conversely, if you anticipate that the market will turn bearish, you can open a Short position (Sell). In the event that the price goes as you predicted - you can potentially get a profit.

At times of high volatility, the market can turn against your position at any time. Using protection orders like Stop Loss and Take Profit will help you control the risks. When a position is open, you can modify or cancel Stop Loss and Take Profit orders at any time.
What options do I have to trade CFD on 1INCH on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker offers you multiple options for trading. Namely, you can choose between four various order types: market, limit, stop, and OCO.

With Market order, you can purchase and sell an asset at the current market price. These orders fill instantly.

Limit order gives a possibility to choose the price at which you would like to purchase or sell assets. When the market reaches or exceeds the preset price, your orders fill automatically.

Also, there is a Stop order. It works similarly to the Limit order but executes at the precise price you set.

The fourth order type is OCO, One-cancels-the-other, which is a combination of Stop and Limit orders. As soon as one of them executes, the other gets canceled.
How to trade more successfully at CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker offers a wide range of tools allowing you to perform technical analysis (TA). Try the built-in TA instruments to learn the market trends and create your personal trading strategies.

Apart from that, CEX.IO Broker features isolated and cross margins.

An isolated margin means that the situation on one trading account doesn’t affect other accounts. Thus, the financial results of these accounts are independent.

Cross margin means using the profit and balance of one position to satisfy margin requirements for another. The cross margin is used within one trading account.
Why trade the 1INCH/USD pair?
1INCH is a governance token for the 1inch Exchange, a DEX aggregator that routes traders’ orders to the exchanges with the most favorable rates.

1INCH provides instant governance for its users. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) based on the 1inch protocol entail voting options for specific settings.

CEX.IO Broker offers you to benefit from the price dynamics of the token by trading CFDs on 1INCH/USD pair.
Numerous multi-currency accounts at CEX.IO Broker
The CEX.IO Broker platform allows you to open up to 10 trading accounts. You can trade with multiple cryptocurrency pairs, regardless of the base currency of your account.

You can fund your account with BTC, ETH, or USDT and still trade all assets listed on the platform.
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