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ADA/USD: Trade Cardano to US Dollar

ADA/USD is a currency pair for Cardano to US Dollars trading. This ratio means that ADA is quoted against USD and indicates the amount of USD needed to buy 1 ADA token. Track the ADA price movements on the ADA/USD chart to plan your trading strategies.
What is Cardano (ADA) to USD trading?
Trading ADA to USD currency pair means you open positions to make a profit on the Cardano price fluctuation. Trade with margin on CEX.IO Broker derivative platform or benefit from making the buy and sell operations on CEX.IO spot platform.
How do I trade ADA/USD using CEX.IO Broker?
On CEX.IO Broker, you can trade ADA/USD with margin. In other words, you can use leverage to open positions with derivative financial instruments - contract for difference. The idea of such trading is the same as for the spot platforms - open Long positions when you expect the asset price to go up and Short - if vice versa.
What leverage can I use to trade ADA/USD?
ADA/USD or any other pair on the platform can be traded with leverage from 2x to100x. Be sure to understand how it works — a higher leverage does not only increase potential gains but also implies higher risks.
Do I need to own Cardano tokens to trade ADA/USD on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker is built in such a way that you don't have to be an owner of Cardano in order to perform ADA to USD trading on the platform. With crypto derivatives, you can earn on the crypto price changes without a need to buy or sell the underlying asset. So, you can trade the cryptocurrency that you actually don't own.
Why trade ADA/USD on CEX.IO Broker?
When trading ADA/USD or any other pairs presented on the platform, you can enjoy such benefits as liquid order book, optimized order execution logic, tight spreads, risk-management instruments, option to open up to 10 different separate trading accounts with different account currencies, and more. The full list of CEX.IO Broker advantages can be found HERE.
CEX.IO Broker: professional trading tools combined with a simple and customizable interface
CEX.IO Broker is designed with the traders’ needs in mind. The platform's team applied the experience and practice gained over the years in the cryptocurrency market to make CEX.IO services simple and to satisfy the needs of both beginners and advanced traders.

Its simplicity and rich functionality give the platform’s users more flexibility to craft their strategies and manage their risks.

Novice traders can start with a no-registration free Demo account. The Demo account simulates the platform's environment. It allows users to test the service and get comfortable with the interface before working with a live account and real money.

Professional traders can enjoy advanced risk-management instruments, API, technical analysis tools, multi-currency accounts, and more.
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