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ATOM/USD: Trade Cosmos to US Dollar

ATOM/USD (or Cosmos to US Dollar) is a currency pair, where ATOM is a base currency, and US Dollar - quote currency. The ATOM/USD ratio shows how many dollars it will cost to buy one Cosmos token. All the historical price movements for the ATOM/USD pair are outlined on its chart.
How to profit from trading CFDs on ATOM?
The cryptocurrency market is very dynamic with its constant up and down movements of the exchange rate. The CEX.IO Broker platform operates on the basis of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Using this type of trading, you can earn both on an upward and downward trend by opening orders in one direction or another. Long positions are suitable if the market is expected to go up, and short - if the price will fall.
How does a CFD on Cosmos (ATOM) work?
For trading Cosmos (ATOM) to US Dollar (USD) you don’t need to have ATOM tokens on your balance. To trade any currency pair presented on CEX.IO Broker you can choose ETH, BTC and USDT as the account currency, fund your account with one of these currencies and start trading. CFD trading does not work like spot trading platforms. Here profit depends on whether you correctly predict the price movements, not the exchange transactions between users on the market.
What options are available for ATOM CFD trading on CEX.IO Broker?
One of the main advantages of trading on CEX.IO Broker is the option to use leverage. By trading with leverage, you can increase your profit by the size of the established leverage (from 2x to 100x). This significantly expands the trading potential.
What can help make trading CFDs on ATOM more successful?
The use of multicurrency multiaccounts allows you to have more flexibility in your trading. Working with different currency accounts at the same time allows you to test different strategies and estimate their efficiency.

Also, CEX.IO Broker allows you to use a cross and isolated margin for your accounts. Cross margin applies to the operations within one account (in this case, the profit from one operation can be used to satisfy the conditions of another). Transactions between different accounts are linked by an isolated margin, which makes them completely independent from each other.

Multicurrency accounts, cross margin, and isolated margin allow you to conduct different trading strategies and control the risks.
How do I start trading Сosmos (ATOM) with leverage?
All the CEX.IO Broker users can trade with leverage. For doing so you need to: be a registered user, create a trading account. Choose the currency for a deposit and fund the account for future trading operations. Then choose the needed leverage size and you are ready to trade with the multiplied potential.
Why trade the ATOM/USD pair?
Cosmos token (ATOM) is in the top-25 list of cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap data. And, despite its “youth” Cosmos is a very ambitious and potential project which gains popularity day-by-day. The CEX.IO Broker team does not provide any investment advice, so please conduct your own expertise before making any trading operations.
Let’s sum up the main prospects of CFD trading on CEX.IO Broker:
Contracts for Difference is a derivative instrument and provides an efficient way to enlarge the trading capital to satisfy your trading ambitions.

At CEX.IO Broker, we are maintaining a transparent and fair trading environment for you to execute trading strategies of any complexity. Users’ orders are executed on the popular spot market platforms which guarantees the execution of both small and big orders you place. The option to open up to 10 trading accounts with different account currencies, currency pairs, and leverage sizes also makes your trading more customizable and flexible.

Amplify your potential trading using margin trading with CEX.IO Broker.
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