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BAT/USD: Trade BAT to US Dollar

BAT/USD is a currency pair where BAT token is quoted against US Dollar fiat currency. The calculation shows the trader a current price of 1 BAT token in USD. When the BAT price changes with the time flow, its movements are outlined on the BAT to USD chart.
CFD trading with BAT/USD pair. How to make profit?
Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) is more than just buy/sell operations. CFDs trading is very flexible and allows you to make money on both rising and falling market trends. Moreover, it assumes trading on margin (with leverage), giving you more options for diversified trading. Profit directly depends on whether or not you correctly predicted market movements.
How does a CFD on BAT work?
One of the main advantages of derivative trading with CEX.IO Broker is that it is actually not necessary to own an asset in order to trade it. You can earn on the price change of the trading asset. What does it mean? If you expect that the BAT price will go up, then you make an agreement with the platform by opening a Long position. If you think the price will go down, open - a Short position. In case your price prediction is correct, you get profit. Simple as that.

By using a leverage, you increase your trading potential. Thus, you can operate with a bigger amount of money and thus magnify your potential profit. Sure thing, you need to remember that leverage also increases a risk.
What are the benefits of BAT CFD trading at CEX.IO Broker?
At CEX.IO Broker, each user can open up to 10 separate trading accounts at the same time. These accounts can have different account currencies and different settings.

Such accounts are isolated from each other, thus you can test different independent trading strategies at the same time. And, for sure, numerous order types are available for your trading.
How can I make the best from trading CFDs on BAT at CEX.IO Broker?
The first and the best thing you can do for your successful trading is to get as much knowledge as possible.

For example, it is very important to understand how every order type on the platform works. You’ll need it to make a decision what order is most applicable for each situation and can get you a higher earning potential.

Another thing to learn is leverage. It is crucial to understand well how it works to make right trading decisions that can preserve and grow your capital.

Market analysis is no less important. Study the historical market data within different time periods. This will help you spot favorable moments to place orders and make profit.
How do I start trading BAT to USD with leverage?
Every user of the platform can use margin trading on CEX.IO Broker with leverage! You do not need to meet any specific conditions for this.

All you need to do is to create a trading account with the leverage you want to trade with. The selected leverage will apply to all your trades on this account. If you need a different leverage size, just create a new trading account with the leverage of your choice. The next step is to deposit money, and actually start trading.

If you are a beginner who has not tried margin trading, you can use a free demo account. It will help you learn how to work with the platform and test different strategies using paper money, before you start working with real money.
Why trade the BAT/USD pair?
Working with different pairs requires also a different approach, studying the charts and developing a trading strategy. Trading at random rarely brings consistent positive results. Systematic approach and continuous analysis of the market situation allows you to make more informed decisions.

By trading BAT/USD pair, you can make profit on market movements.

The price of the token is formed by the supply and demand on the market. Thus, it is important to check the order book on the platform and make sure there is enough liquidity to satisfy your orders.
One CEX.IO ecosystem - many solutions for your trading
Being a part of CEX.IO ecosystem, together with CEX.IO Broker, you can execute strategies involving the spot and the derivatives markets at the same time.

On CEX.IO Broker, you can trade more than 30 cryptocurrency pairs with leverage. CEX.IO Broker also gives you access to the traditional currency pairs.

The CEX.IO Broker team is constantly expanding the list of options available for our customers. We understand that user needs are changing with the time flow and reaching a new level, which we, of course, strive to meet.
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