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BTC/USD: Trade Bitcoin to US Dollar

BTC/USD (or BTC to USD) represents the Bitcoin price quoted against the US dollar. I.e. how many USD one needs to pay in order to get 1 BTC. The BTC/USD chart shows changes of BTC price, expressed in dollars, over time.
What is BTC to USD trading?
The goal of trading Bitcoin against USD is getting profit from BTC price changes. You can buy and then sell Bitcoins on CEX.IO exchange, where you get cryptocurrency in your possession. Or you can speculate on market movements with CEX.IO Broker, opening and closing positions with derivative instruments.
How do I trade BTC/USD on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker is a margin trading platform based on Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Open Long positions if you anticipate the BTC price to go up and Short positions if down. Your trading profit depends on whether the eventual price change was in your favor.
How much leverage can I use to trade BTC/USD?
CEX.IO Broker provides you access to leverage from 2x to 100x. You can open multiple trading accounts with different leverage according to your trading strategy and risk tolerance.
Do I need to have BTC or USD to trade BTC/USD on CEX.IO Broker?
Using CEX.IO Broker, you don’t need to own Bitcoin or USD to trade the BTC/USD pair. To trade any currency pair on the platform, you can fund your trading accounts with ETH, USDT, as well as BTC. So, you can choose BTC as your trading account currency, but you don’t have to.
Why trade BTC/USD on CEX.IO Broker?
Fair trading environment:
  • Liquid order book
  • Narrow spreads
  • Ultra fast performance
  • Optimized order execution logic.
Rich functionality:
  • Multiple trading accounts
  • Multiple segregated positions
  • Positions in opposite directions
  • Cross and isolated margin
  • Built-in technical analysis indicators.
CEX.IO Broker: built by traders for traders.
CEX.IO Broker is a part of the CEX.IO ecosystem, a group of companies advancing the cryptocurrency industry from 2013. The team operates based on the years of market expertise and experience of serving over 3 million clients worldwide. We pride ourselves on adhering to the high security, service, and quality standards.We work to continuously maintain the trading environment where you have the flexibility to execute trading strategies of any level of complexity. Both beginner and advanced traders can efficiently work with the crypto derivatives market, using the versatile functionality of CEX.IO Broker.
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