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ETH/BTC pair shows the price ratio of two cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Bitcoin, where ETH is a base currency and BTC is a quote currency. So, ETH/BTC represents the cost of the base currency (ETH) calculated in the quote currency (BTC). Put simply, how many BTC is needed to get 1 ETH.
What is Ethereum to Bitcoin trading?
Both Ethereum and Bitcoin prices can be volatile. At times, the first and the second cryptocurrency are quite correlated. Other times, they move differently. The point of trading ETH against BTC is to take advantage of price fluctuations of one cryptocurrency relative to the other. You can trade this crypto-to-crypto pair on the spot market at CEX.IO or with derivatives using the CEX.IO Broker.
How do I trade ETH/BTC on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker is a platform for margin trading based on Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Ethereum to Bitcoin margin trading means you borrow funds (trade with leverage) to earn on the asset’s price changes by anticipating the ETH cost to go up or down quoted to the Bitcoin price. Your trading profit depends on whether the eventual price change was in your favor.
What leverage can I use to trade ETH/BTC?
CEX.IO Broker users can trade ETH to BTC with leverage ranging from 2x to 100x. Applying leverage lets you amplify the potential profit of your positions.
Do I need to have ETH or BTC to trade ETH/BTC on CEX.IO Broker?
On CEX.IO Broker, you trade derivatives, Contracts for Difference. It means that you can choose BTC, ETH, and USDT as the account currency, i.e. the currency you fund your trading with. And, after depositing, you can trade any cryptocurrency pair supported by CEX.IO Broker.
Why trade ETH/BTC on CEX.IO Broker?
Trading ETH/BTC on CEX.IO Broker, you can benefit from the platform’s liquid orderbook, narrow spreads, and fast performance. For more advantages of the CEX.IO Broker functionality and markets, you can check out HERE.
CEX.IO Broker: expand your potential returns
CEX.IO Broker offers you a lot of trading flexibility. You can choose a convenient currency to fund your trading with: BTC, USD, or USDT. You can utilize multiple trading accounts with different parameters to test and execute separate strategies. Together with CEX.IO spot exchange, you can design (and quickly fund) strategies that combine spot and derivative markets. A broad range of available leverage allows you to manage your risks according to your goals and preferences.
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