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ETH/EUR: Ethereum to Euro trading

ETH/EUR pair is used in ETH to Euro trading. Ethereum to Euro currency pair represents the price of Ethereum quoted against Euro. Monitor Ethereum price chart in Euro to analyse and to forecast the changes of ETH to EUR exchange ratio.
What is ETH/EUR trading?
Trading ETH/EUR means performing buy and sell operations to gain from the Ethereum price changes. You can trade on a spot exchange, like CEX.IO, where crypto assets change hands when traded. Or you can earn from the price movements of Ethereum by ETH to EUR margin trading on a derivative platform, like CEX.IO Broker.
How to trade Ethereum to Euro using CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker provides you the platform to trade on margin, using a derivative financial instrument, Contract for Difference. To trade ETH to EUR with Contracts for Difference, you open Long positions, if you anticipate the ETH price to go up, and Short positions, if you expect the ETH price to go down. The difference between the prices at which you’ve opened and closed your positions form your profit (or loss).
What leverage can I use to trade ETH/EUR?
Using CEX.IO Broker, you can apply from 2x to 100x leverage for your trading operations. A leverage size is fixed for a specific trading account, but you can have multiple subaccounts with different leverage.
Do I need Ethereum or EUR to trade ETH/EUR pair on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker is a platform for derivatives trading. Making operations based on Contracts for Difference means that your positions expose you to price changes of an asset but you do not need to hold that asset as your account currency. I.e. you can trade ETH/EUR (or any other pair) with your trading account funded in BTC or USDT (and ETH if you choose so).
Why should I trade ETH/EUR on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker is a part of the CEX.IO ecosystem, the cryptocurrency exchange serving the global users from 2013. We’ve built our platform based on decades of combined experience in the cryptocurrency, financial markets, and fintech. CEX.IO Broker offers a transparent trading environment that lets you execute your strategies, no matter whether you are a new or a seasoned trader.
CEX.IO Broker: Professional risk management tools
The platform offers both cross margin and isolated margin for flexible risk management. Cross margin is used within each trading account. Isolated margin is used between trading accounts. Such combination allows you to avoid unnecessary losses and protect your gains from separate strategies.

Cross Margin means that the financial results of positions offset each other, so that the excess margin of one position can be used to satisfy the margin requirements of another position. Cross Margin helps to avoid liquidations longer, as the entire balance and unrealized profit of your trading account provides margin for your positions.

Isolated Margin means that the margin of a certain position (or group of positions) is not used to satisfy the margin requirements of another position. Isolated Margin between trading accounts on CEX.IO Broker helps to protect profits you made on one trading account from possible losses on another.
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