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LINK/USD: Trade Chainlink to US Dollar

The Chainlink (LINK) to USD (US Dollar) price ratio in trading is marked as a LINK/USD cryptocurrency pair. The calculation is following: the ratio indicates how much USD is needed for a LINK token purchase. Track LINK/USD pair price movements on the chart and craft your trading strategy.
How to profit from trading CFDs on LINK?
The main purpose of both CFD and spot trading in LINK/USD pair - to earn on the LINK price movements.

On spot platforms you can buy the coin in question for a lower price and then sell for a higher. On derivative platforms like CEX.IO Broker, the main idea is a little bit different - you can benefit from the price movements of the LINK token without a need to buy tokens. You can make money with CFDs both on an upward and downward trend.
How does a CFD on Chainlink (LINK) work?
Trading on CEX.IO Broker, you work with derivatives, Contracts for Difference (CFDs). It allows trading currencies that you don't have on your account's balance. To trade LINK/USD (or any other currency pair on the platform) you need to fund your trading account with BTC, ETH, or USDT (up to your preferences).
What options are available for LINK CFD trading on CEX.IO Broker?
One of the most important features of CFD is trading with leverage. On CEX.IO Broker platform, you can choose the leverage size that suits your needs and your risk appetites. Trading with leverage allows you to operate more funds than lays on your account. Choose the leverage from 2x to 100x and satisfy your trading ambitions.
What can help make CFDs on LINK more successful?
The platform offers professional risk management tools, including a cross and an isolated margin. СEX.IO Broker guarantees flexible trading with Market, Limit, Stop and OCO order types with the option to put stop loss and take profit both for LINK/USD and other currency pairs.
How do I start trading LINK with leverage?
The option of trading with borrowed funds is available for all the platform's participants. Register on the platform or login if you already have an account. Choose the account currency, add funds. Select the leverage which fits your needs and that’s it — you are ready to start trading like a pro.
Why trade the LINK/USD pair?
LINK is an ERC-677 token that takes over the functionality of the ERC-20 token standard. It is used to pay node operators for retrieving data for Smart Contracts, thereby ensuring the demand for the token. Currently, LINK is in the top 20 currencies in the market and has promising potential. The coin gained a lot of interest among the public that is supported by the media coverage too.

Different cryptocurrencies have different operating principles and they do not offer the same conditions. Therefore, the CEX.IO Broker team advises studying information about the asset before trading.
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Thanks to the aggregated liquidity from the market's top exchanges we guarantee the successful execution of both small and big-amount orders. The goal of the CEX.IO Broker to make trading suitable for any strategy you follow.
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