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MATIC/USD: Trade MATIC to US Dollar

A currency pair is a ratio of assets where the value of the base currency is quoted in relation to another - the so-called quote currency. In the MATIC/USD pair: MATIC is the base currency and the US dollar is the quote. In other words, the MATIC/USD formula shows the value of 1 MATIC token in US dollars. You can track all price changes for MATIC on the pair’s chart. Chart analysis is very important in building strategies.
How to profit from trading CFDs in pairs with MATIC?
The cryptocurrency market is known for the dynamics of price changes. Hence, it’s attractive for the traders who want to use the potential of such volatility to earn. CEX.IO Broker offers such possibilities. The platform operates on the principle of Contracts for Difference (CFD). With CFD trading, you can generate potential profits on both an uptrend and a downtrend. The general idea is as follows: if you expect the market to go up - open Long position. If you think that MATIC (or any other asset you trade) price is going to go down - choose Short. For even more efficient trading users spend much time on technical analysis and search for the popular trading patterns and signs.
How does a CFD on MATIC token work?
Before you start trading, it is important to note that the principle of CFDs is not the same as for the spot market. In the case of CFD, the profit depends on whether the price movement was correctly predicted. Yes, for CFD trading you do not need to buy currencies to trade them, because all you need to do is foresee future price changes and place a corresponding position.
What options are available for MATIC CFD trading on CEX.IO Broker?
On CEX.IO Broker you can trade any available asset with leverage. By trading on margin, you increase your potential profit through the use of borrowed funds, therefore, you increase your potential return. YOU can choose any suitable leverage from 2x to 100x. But it is important to understand that leverage is inextricably linked to risks as well. Along with the potential to get a larger profit, it can increase losses too. Consider all the pros and cons before choosing the leverage and placing trade positions.
What can help make trading CFDs in pairs with MATIC more successful?
CEX.IO Broker has many tools to diversify your trading and risks. For example, instead of being limited to one trading account, you can open 10 of them at once and deploy different strategies on them simultaneously! For this, you will find cross and isolated margin useful. Cross margin is applied to transactions within the same account, and isolated margin will be applied to transactions in different accounts. This allows you to try different trading styles and measure their efficiency on a single platform. Moreover, you can fund your different subaccounts with different currencies - BTC, ETH, USDT depending on what account currency you choose.
Why trade the MATIC/USD pair?
MATIC is the native token of Polygon (former Matic Network). It is the ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. The main purpose of this project is to solve the scalability problem that is inherent in almost all Ethereum tokens. And this, in turn, is supposed to reduce commissions and increase the speed of payments.

The token is in the list of "top 100" cryptocurrencies every year since its inception, which shows us that there is a demand for the asset and this token is quite popular.
CEX.IO Broker: A derivative platform with a high liquidity
The liquidity on the platform is very important for the users who trade on it. A liquid asset is an asset that can be quickly bought or sold. Therefore, the platform's own liquidity may not always be sufficient for your trading needs. And we have a solution for that! СEX.IO Broker uses the aggregated liquidity of the largest spot exchanges on the market (liquidity providers). And this allows the platform to execute both small and large orders. User-friendliness of our platform and your better experience there is our main goal.
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