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NFLX/USD: Trade Netflix to US Dollar

NFLX/USD: (NFLX to USD) is a pair where NFLX is a quote currency and stands for the stocks of a production company Netflix, while USD is a base currency. This pair shows the current price for 1 NFLX in USD. CEX.IO Broker platform gives an opportunity to users to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on NFLX stocks.
How does CFD trading on NFLX on CEX.IO Broker work?
Considering the dynamics of the crypto market, it’s hard to predict whether the price will go up or down in the next moment. CEX.IO Broker platform gives you the possibility to trade on the basis of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). CFD gives every user of the platform the opportunity to earn on both an uptrend and a downtrend. You need to open Long positions if you expect the market to go up and Short - if you think that the price of NFLX will fall. If your predictions turn out to be right — your position can bring you profit.

Most traders use technical analysis in CFD trading to identify certain patterns and make appropriate trading decisions.
How can I start trading CFD on NFLX stocks?
To start trading CFDs on NFLX at CEX.IO Broker, you should go through the registration process with the following steps:
  • Create your account (in case you have a profile at CEX.IO, skip this step as you can sign in to CEX.IO Broker account with your CEX.IO credentials).
  • Opt for the account base currency BTC, ETH, or USDT and choose the optimal size of leverage.
  • Click ‘Create’ and add your funds.
  • Now you can start trading on NFLX or other assets!

If you want to change the leverage, it's always possible to do this by opening a new account.
What options of CFD trading on NFLX are available at CEX.IO Broker?
Leverage is a clue part of margin trading. At CEX.IO Broker, leverage size ranges from 2x to 100x. Using leverage allows you to operate a larger amount of funds than you own. This, in turn, can increase your potential earnings.

However, leverage also increases the risk of losing. Here’s where protection orders can be useful.
There are two types of protection orders at CEX.IO: stop loss and take profit. They allow you to control the risks.

At CEX.IO Broker you can try multiple instruments for technical analysis allowing you to follow the trends and adapt or create your own strategies.

CEX.IO Broker gives the possibility to users to create up to 10 sub-accounts that don’t depend on one from another. For each of them, you could choose different currencies and leverage amounts. BTC, ETH, or USDT are the account base currencies you can deposit. With multiple accounts, you can try and adopt a strategy that caters to your needs.
What can help make CFD trading on NFLX more successful?
CEX.IO Broker features cross and isolated margin options. Cross margin refers to the operations within an account. This means that the account balance and profit from one position can be used to meet the margin requirements of another position in that account.

Isolated margin applies to the transactions between different trading accounts. This means that the financial results of your accounts are independent. Hence, you can measure the efficiency of the different strategies you used on various accounts.

New users can first try out the demo account at CEX.IO Broker before switching to the Live account. This way, you can gain experience trading on the platform, learn about its instruments and get used to the trading terminal. Experienced users, in their turn, can feel all the benefits of the demo account while testing different strategies before deploying them on their live accounts.

CEX.IO Broker allows you to trade CFDs on multiple crypto and traditional currency pairs, also stocks, and metals.
Why should I trade NFLX to USD?
Netflix is a huge content platform, offering access to multiple streaming services. Owing to the huge library of tv-series, films, and cartoons, Netflix has become popular all over the world. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it became the biggest media company by market cap. As of 2020, the net income of the platform constitutes $2.761 billion.

This drives the popularity and demand for trading NFLX stocks. Their price dynamics suggest attractive earning potential, and CEX.IO Broker allows trading CFD on NFLX stocks and using that potential to your benefit.
CEX.IO Broker: trade with controlled risk
Providing that cryptocurrency’s dynamics are high, you need to use the protection orders to control your trading. CEX.IO Broker offers the following risk-management tools:

  • Stop Loss will help you minimize the loss.
  • Take Profit can fix the profit of your position.

With protection orders, if the market price falls/goes up, you are in control of your risk. Try various strategies adding, modifying, and canceling protection orders whenever you want.
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