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TSLA/USD: Trade Tesla to US Dollar

TSLA/USD (TSLA to USD) is a pair where TSLA represents the stocks of the company Tesla, and is a quote currency, while USD is a base currency. This pair shows how much USD is needed to buy 1 TSLA stock. CEX.IO Broker platform offers users to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Tesla stocks.
How can I start trading TSLA/USD with margin?
To join CEX.IO Broker and start trading, you should sign up at the platform. If you are already a CEX.IO customer, you don’t have to create another account on CEX.IO Broker. You can use the CEX.IO login and password.

After logging in, you need to create a trading account. For that, choose the account base currency — BTC, ETH, or USDT — and select then the leverage catering to your needs. In case you want to change the leverage — open a new account. After, fund your account and start trading.

Those who are new to margin trading and CEX.IO Broker can try their hand in the Demo account. In such a way, you can learn the possibilities of the trading platform, its instruments, and order types. Experienced users can benefit from the demo account as well in case they want to test new strategies.
How does CFD trading on TSLA/USD work?
CEX.IO Broker offers margin trading via the CFDs. With CFDs, you can trade without owning the digital asset. Also, you have a possibility of profiting on price fluctuations despite the market direction.

Open a Long position when you think that the price will move upward. And vice versa — in the situation you expect that the market turns bearish, choose to open a Short position. If the price moves in your direction — you can get profit.

However, always remember that the market is highly dynamic and can turn against your position’s direction. To control the risks, you can use protection orders: Stop Loss and Take Profit.
How can I make CFD trading on TSLA more successful?
CEX.IO Broker allows you to operate with up to 10 subaccounts where you can choose various currencies and set leverage sizes. Account base currency states for BTC, ETH, or USDT, which you can deposit on your balance. In such a way, you have an opportunity to manage a number of accounts with diverse currencies and different leverages. So you can deploy different strategies at the same time.

All your subaccounts are isolated so that financial results in one account would not affect others. This is called isolated margin. Along with that, CEX.IO Broker features cross-margin. That means that the balance and profit of one position can be used to satisfy the margin requirements of another position within the same account.
What are the options for CFD trading on TSLA on CEX.IO Broker?
One of the key options for trading CFD on TSLA/USD is leverage. If you trade on CEX.IO Broker, you can choose the size of leverage from 2x to 100x. Borrowing additional funds allows you to raise potential revenue. In case the price moves following your position, the profit is multiplied by the leverage used in margin trading. However, the risks of losses also increase if the price moves in the opposite direction.

Another important option is the presence of different orders. CEX.IO Broker offers you four order types:
  • Market order - allows to buy/sell crypto instantly at the current price.
  • Limit order - gives a possibility to set the price you want to sell/buy for. It fills when the market reaches the preset price or better.
  • Stop - similar to the Limit order, but fills only at the exact price you set.
  • OCO, One-cancels-the-other order - combines Limit and Stop orders which you could set at one moment. When one is completed, the other gets canceled.
Why should I trade Tesla to USD?
Stock markets have always attracted the attention of many people all over the world. Especially stocks of such big technological and innovative companies like Tesla. People largely use its products, and want to be a part of it by owning the stocks of this company. This also drives demand for these stocks.

This price dynamics offers the potential to earn. CEX.IO Broker offers you trading CFD on TSLA stocks to maximize your earnings.
CEX.IO Broker: traditional and cryptocurrency markets on one platform
Big companies like Google, Netflix, Apple, Amazon showed an increased interest in digital assets. So did Tesla, with its considerable investment into BTC. So cryptocurrency holders can have a possibility to trade stocks of these companies.

At CEX.IO Broker, we make it possible. Our customers can trade CFDs on stocks, metals, and traditional currencies while remaining in crypto. We remove the barriers between the cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets, allowing our clients to be participants of both on the single platform.
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