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UNI/USD: Trade UNI to US Dollar

The UNI/USD pair represents the Uniswap (UNI) price quoted against the US dollar. It indicates how many US Dollars are needed in order to buy 1 UNI. The UNI/USD chart shows the UNI price changes, expressed in dollars, over time.
What is UNI/USD pair trading?
The main purpose of UNI to USD trading is to earn on the UNI price changes. Buy or Sell Uniswap (UNI) on CEX.IO exchange, where digital assets change hands when they are traded. Or earn from the price movements with CEX.IO Broker by opening and closing long and short trading positions with derivative instruments.
How do I trade UNI/USD pair on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker is a platform for cryptocurrency margin trading based on derivatives, Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Using derivatives, you can benefit from the price changes of UNI without owning, buying or selling UNI itself. For those who participate in the Uniswap DeFi activities, trading UNI on margin facilitates fixing the profits from yield farming and hedging the risks.
What leverage can I use for UNI/USD trading?
Trading with CEX.IO Broker you can use from 2x to 100x leverage. You can open multiple trading accounts and apply different leverage to each depending on your trading strategy and risk preferences.
Do I need to have UNI or USD to trade UNI/USD on CEX.IO Broker?
You do not need to own UNI or USD for UNI/USD pair trading on CEX.IO Broker. You can fund your trading accounts with BTC, ETH, USDT, and trade any currency pair available on the platform.
Why trade UNI to USD on CEX.IO Broker?
CEX.IO Broker provides a convenient platform to trade one of the most popular tokens of the vibrant DeFi market, on margin. Shorting UNI with leverage offers a capital efficient hedge for those who have significant UNI exposures. You can review other benefits of trading on CEX.IO Broker HERE.
CEX.IO Broker: both for professional traders and new market players
CEX.IO Broker is a part of the CEX.IO ecosystem, which advances the cryptocurrency industry since 2013. Over the years of serving clients around the world, CEX.IO Group team has gained experience and knowledge to build CEX.IO Broker, the platform for cryptocurrency margin trading.

Both beginner and advanced traders can efficiently work with the crypto derivatives market, using the versatile functionality of CEX.IO Broker. Whether you have a simple strategy or trade with API, we got your needs covered.
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