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ZIL/USD: Trade Zilliqa to US Dollars with margin

CEX.IO Broker is a Margin Trading platform based on Contracts for Difference (CFD). Margin trading is a strategy of borrowing funds to open trading positions for greater potential returns. Your potential gain gets multiplied by the factor of leverage when trading with borrowed funds.
How to profit from trading CFDs on ZIL?
The cryptocurrency market is very dynamic and the prices can change fast. Every day, an hour, or a minute there can be a sudden significant jump up or decline, which makes favorable conditions to earn on the price change. CEX.IO Broker provides everything you need to catch those opportunities.

Trading with derivative instruments of CEX.IO Broker platform is possible without owning the asset itself. You need to choose BTC, ETH, or USDT as an account currency and after you can trade any pair presented on the platform.
How does a CFD on ZIL work?
Contracts for Difference (CFDs) is the financial instrument for trading operations on price difference. CFDs allow you to earn both on the up and down trending markets. You need to open Long positions if you expect the price to go up and Short positions when you think that price will go down.
What options are available for ZIL CFD trading?
CEX.IO Broker offers an option to trade with margin. Every user can apply from 2x to 100x leverage to different trading accounts. Leveraged trading helps increase potential profits due to the bigger trading capital, though at the same time increases potential risks. Different order types: Market, Limit, Stop, and OCO orders are presented on CEX.IO Broker platform for you to execute different strategies. Also, if you want to have several accounts in different currencies, it is possible to open up to 10 of them. You can choose BTC, ETH and USDT as the base currency for each of the trading accounts. At the same time, no matter what the main currency of the account is - you can trade any pairs available on the platform.
What can help make trading CFDs on ZIL more successful?
For successful trading, it is very important to understand the trading order types and what market situations they are best for.

For example: Market Order - executes your trade at a current price. Limit Order - is suitable to execute a trade at a specified price (or higher). Choose Stop Order if you want it to be filled at a certain price only. One-Cancels-the-Other Order - is a combination of 2 orders. When one of them completes the other will be canceled automatically. It is also possible to trade with Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Stop loss can limit losses, and Take profit — maximize profit by exiting a trade when the market is at a favorable price.
How do I start trading ZIL with leverage?
For operations with leverage you need to:
  • be a CEX.IO Broker user;
  • create a trading account (or choose the already existing one);
  • deposit money (BTC, ETH or USDT);
  • select suitable leverage (from 2x to 100x).
Why trade the ZIL/USD pair?
In 2020, the ZIL coin showed an increase in price of more than 1000%, which is a stunning result. The sharp increase was followed by a price correction, but now ZIL coin paired with fiat currencies has become very popular in the market.

Before making any trading decisions, be sure to research the information about the token and the project.
CEX.IO Broker: margin trading with the most competitive fees
We do not charge any fees for Deposit and Withdrawal operations. Save on your trading costs while making operations with a wide range of pairs and order types. CEX.IO Broker is for flexible and cost-efficient trading!
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